more pics from Supermans’ swim

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Yes I cried, it was so emotional to see him in that pool. He has overcome so much in his life. This was the Rehab Veterinarian and the RRT in the pool with him assessing , his strength, weakness, ability and care plan. They called him “Superman”. They were so gentle with him and made it a good experience for him, We have 3 more swims scheduled in July, next week back to the Ortho for adjustment in his cart. It hits him right in his neck

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First Swim

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

Well I made my mom cry today.. they were happy tears but I was worried about her. I saw her watching through the window. she always watches over me, she’s my mom and keeps me safe. I did my best to make her proud, it was wonderful¬† to feel so light and free and they were very nice to me. I hope we do it again. I love when it’s just us spending the day together!! This is our video, also have pics!

First swim was cancelled

Our first swim therapy was set for Thursday. He tried on his life jacket and was ready to go!! Tuesday evening three small lesions were discovered on his amputation site. This is the first skin ulcers we have dealt with from contact. His swim is deferred for 3 weeks to try heal. This area has always been very soft and thin, so it’s scary now that skin breakdown is starting. I will post a picture for ”¬† ask the vet” as of yet my vet hasn’t ordered any antibiotics and I’m wondering if I need to push for that, I have to stay aggressive and make sure this heals. His cart and brace will be ready Monday so that should help. Asking for ideas on skin care



Tyson had a very long day Friday. It was quite overwhelming for him. First was a recheck with Dr. Keely. I couldn't go in with him because of Covid-19 so I waited. He was assessed again with both Doctors, one is also Chiropractor/ natural health. His Dr. feels we should start swim therapy and get him into a brace so we went then to the Ortho specialist. she is in agreement with Dr. Keely and also wants to fit him for a cart. This way the weight can be off loaded. The brace is going to be difficult because it will restrict him somewhat until he gets used to it and the cart will help so he doesn't fall. He was so exhausted by the time we left he passed out on the way home. Swim will start next thursday, both the doctor and rehab tech will be in the pool with him. I'm nervous about it, he's going to scared and I can't blame him so I'm glad there will be two of them in the pool with him... Wish us luck!!

tyson’s story

I started this blog so I could post pictures of my boy but now that I’m here I feel the need to tell his story. I have always been an advocate for pitbulls, being from Chicago the shelters are large and filled to capacity. I have always taking the throwaways, ones that were truly broken. I heard about a brindle pup that needed love and care and a chance to heal.¬† At approx. 6 months old he was used as bait, then shot and thrown in the garbage, after a few days he was finally brought to the shelter near death. They did everything they could to save him and that included a complete amputation of a front leg. I went to meet this little brindle boy and fell to my knees when I saw his injuries , and then fresh off of surgery he made his way into my arms and that sealed the deal, he was mine never to be hurt again. That was 5 years ago. It amazes me the capacity for love and trust they are able to retain, he is a loving boy that never, ever gives up. He has enjoyed a little too much food and needs to lose weight. He has developed osteoarthritis in his elbow and is having a lot of pain. He is seeing a rehab specialist and will be fitted for a brace and if need be a cart. He is going to start swim therapy and hope that helps. He is a fighter in the true sense of the word, he has the heart and never, ever gives up