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I started this blog so I could post pictures of my boy but now that I’m here I feel the need to tell his story. I have always been an advocate for pitbulls, being from Chicago the shelters are large and filled to capacity. I have always taking the throwaways, ones that were truly broken. I heard about a brindle pup that needed love and care and a chance to heal.  At approx. 6 months old he was used as bait, then shot and thrown in the garbage, after a few days he was finally brought to the shelter near death. They did everything they could to save him and that included a complete amputation of a front leg. I went to meet this little brindle boy and fell to my knees when I saw his injuries , and then fresh off of surgery he made his way into my arms and that sealed the deal, he was mine never to be hurt again. That was 5 years ago. It amazes me the capacity for love and trust they are able to retain, he is a loving boy that never, ever gives up. He has enjoyed a little too much food and needs to lose weight. He has developed osteoarthritis in his elbow and is having a lot of pain. He is seeing a rehab specialist and will be fitted for a brace and if need be a cart. He is going to start swim therapy and hope that helps. He is a fighter in the true sense of the word, he has the heart and never, ever gives up

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4 thoughts on “tyson’s story”

  1. I remember when you first told me Tysons story. It reminded of another story. Years ago in Texas a pitbull puppy was used for bait then thrown in a freezer. When the house was raided the police officer open the freezer and found a puppy in a garbage bag. Actually the freezer saved the puppies life because it slowed down the bleeding. The police dept adopted the dog and he went to work on the Texas/Mexico border as a drug sniffing dog. Helping to put away the bad guys. What comes around goes around.

    Tyson is one luck pup to have you!

  2. You really saved this dogs life, he had such a hard start but he is so lucky to have found you. I really hope the swim therapy goes well. We will be thinking about you both.

  3. Oh you sweet boy! What a story, it just broke my heart to read about your ruff start in life. Humans suck but you still forgive, wow. Dogs are amazing. We humans need to me more like you! I’m so glad your people decided to share your story, and I can’t wait for more. Sounds like you are on the right track for getting fit and not having any more pain. Keep working at it, you’ll get there. Your momma is doing great things for you, what a lucky dog!

    Keep us posted Tyson, you’re rockin’ it!

  4. Thank you everybody!!
    I love hearing a good outcome like in your story Brownie1201 . Humans can be the most vicious animal. No matter what his mom loves him and he knows it. He has the biggest heart and he never gives up so I’m hoping this will help his quality, of course still working on the diet! Thanks for the support!!!

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